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Conduct And Discipline

The conduct of students

St. Ignatius School believes that each student is unique and that each has special talents to develop in himself/herself and use them for others. The school strives to assist in the development of these talents in young men/women who will be capable of exercising responsible freedom. The student is in the process of becoming a man/woman for others, a person who will learn to fulfill his/her obligations to God, his/her neighbour, and to himself/herself. St. Ignatius School seeks to develop the potential of a student through the spiritual, academic, cultural, and physical opportunities offered to him/her. To achieve this end, the school must be able to rely upon the student to foster its spirit and advance its purpose and goals; therefore, St. Ignatius School should be the school of the student’s choice. The following regulations are set down as guidelines to the student as he/she develops his/her potential, learns to order his/her life, and acquires a sense of co-operation and respect for those with whom he/she must live and work. The disciplinary procedures noted herein are not exclusively a system of punishments for guilt incurred; rather, they are learning experiences that create healthy attitudes. Disciplinary sanctions are used not only to maintain proper order, but also to educate developing adolescents who are striving for the goal of self-discipline. The student’s careful study of these regulations and his/her earnest efforts to fulfill them will help to create the spirit which the school desires.

About our school

We are a Catholic School committed to the service of faith in God, and the promotion of justice for the poor.

Course of studies

The school prepares the students for All India Senior Secondary School Examination (Class XII) conducted by CBSE, New Delhi.

Medium of instruction

From the year 2011, we have fully adopted English as the medium of instruction at St. Ignatius School Aurangabad.

Activities & Events.

We aim to inculcate principles of ethics, honesty, trust, co-operation, self-reliance and hard work through various school activities.