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Vice Principal's Message

'New Normal’ and Seeing Everything New

Fr. Manish Osta S.J

Fr. Manish Osta S.J

Vice Principal Dear Parents, Teachers, Well-Wishers and students,

St. Ignatius School, Aurangabad started in 1994, was a tiny seed sown yesterday and today grown up into a robust tree sheltering the people of Aurangabad. The school has been seeking for ‘Magis’ (More) an Ignatian concept without compromising the academic excellence and the Ignatian values. Jesuit education all over the world are regarded as the model of excellence and St. Ignatius School, Aurangabad is one of them. Invariably, this institute is guided by a spirit of justice, inspired by the Catholic Social Teaching and character formation of each individual. We always believe in forming men and women for other.

The year 2020 was a challenge for all of us as the COVID-19 changed and would continue to change our lives—our way of work, rest and all the activities. Going back to the way of life before COVID-19 is not an option.

So we should take this challenge as an opportunity to start thinking about ‘New Normal’ and Seeing Everything New. The world is gradually coming out of Corona 19 freeze. It is not coming as it was earlier but rather we are defining it as ‘New Normal’ - a world which co-exists with the virus around us. Avoid the three C’s –crowded places, close-contact settings, confined and enclosed places. Keep distance of at least one metre from each other to limit the spread of Corona virus, remember to wash your hands.

I admire the tireless efforts of the teachers who conducted online classes for the students so that the teaching learning process is not affected. They underwent lots of problems, such as, learning the new technology and the way of teaching through online classes which was totally new for all of us The day-to-day processes have been turned upside down for children as they were away from their teachers, friends and school where they used to learn and enjoy together but now they are connected virtually only. Some may be struggling with lot of emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger, frustration or grief. These emotions need an outlet by seeing everything in a new way. I even thank the parents for their constant support and acknowledge their efforts in guiding and accompanying their children very patiently. Together we can navigate through this crisis.